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From Stills to Stills Moving..

Sometime in early 2018 I learnt that Google was providing an outbound link (not a search link) to photographers websites as part of their 'Street View' photography program. After years of working hard on the SEO of my website; this seemed like the last Gold Standard link one could hope for. There was only one problem - I had to upload 50 full 360° panoramas, for approval, to qualify. And I had no idea how to make one.

After working for over 20 years as a professional photographer - starting with film, then with digital files and web sites; well it was not easy - but I was well prepared for the steep leaning curve that followed. 360° photography is computational photography - it can't happen without the computer - but it's still photography. First I followed the advice on YouTube; that didn't work. Then I started thinking like the technically trained photographer I am. What happens as you photograph? Things came together pretty quickly from there and as I developed I also developed my own way of capturing the scenes that 'are' literally all around me.

Once the pictures were coming together in the computer as-they-should I started working on the final post processing. So they looked like I expect my photography to look. Working with a DSLR camera, and an eye for details developed from years of photographic experience. Together with stubbornness and pragmatic perfectionism - to get it right.

What does this mean for us? It means this is the game that I bring to your project. Everything I have learnt. From shooting in the dark on a canal front in Venice. To bright sunlit days in the Northern Territory, and dodging waves documenting Sydney's brilliant ocean pools. It means I understand timelines and delivery; and that quality is not negotiable, it has to be there. On time; every time. The pictures are not just for me, not just for you; they are for the viewers, the audience, the customers we want to engage. we are going to do it right.

Dee Why Ocean Pool
Dee Why Ocean Pool
Artist portrait at an Art Exhibition - Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Art Exhibition - Palm House
Australian Bushland Reserve, Seven Hills Brisbane
Australian Bushland Reserve
The Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
The Calyx RBGS
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island
The Fern House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Fern House RBG Sydney
ULURU Northern Territory
ULURU Bush Walk
Lands Office, Bent St Sydney CBD
Bent St Sydney CBD
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Photography Studio, Make-Up Space
Commercial Studio, Make-Up Space
Wine Resort Venissa, Hotel Room Venice
Hotel Room, Mazzorbo Venice
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens public park
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens
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